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Data Analysis

From individual researchers to large corporations, we provide the means for turning complex data networks into easily understood real world solutions.


We create elegant, robust and flexible tools to aid in creating beautiful data visualizations.

Creating Connections

We strive to provide the best support for all of our software, we also organize training seminars for our clients.

Mango by Complex Computation

We bring all of these things and more through our flagship software, Mango. Mango is our software built entirely in-house in our own programming language.

Interested in trying out Mango? Mango can help you analyze complex data sets and easily visualize them for all your needs.

About US

What do we bring to the table?
Complex Computation LLC

Incorporated in July 2015, we at Complex Computation had one goal in mind: build beautiful and elegant cross-platform tools for analyzing network data.

Initially started by a professor and doctoral candidate, Mango was originally conceived to solve complex biological problems. Since our inception, Mango has evolved to support more than biological networks. Our goal as a business and with Mango is to be the ultimate solution for big data analysis.

Having won Two SBIR Grants, we're familiar with what it takes to work with the government. Our current SBIR contract has us developing a piece of software we hope electrical engineers across the world will use.

Your Team

Check out the minds behind Complex Computation and Mango
Jennifer Chang
Jennifer Chang
Co-founder, Software Developer, and CFO
A Ph.D. candidate at Iowa State University , Jennifer studies bioinformatics and computational biology. Jennifer’s doctoral thesis would grow into our flagship software, Mango.

In her free time Jennifer likes to read and work on craft projects.
Hui-Hsien Chou Ph.D.
Hui-Hsien Chou Ph.D.
Co-founder, CTO
Hui-Hsien Chou obtained his PhD from the University of Maryland in 1996. Since then he has worked on artificial life projects and worked at TIGR and Celera Genomics during the massive efforts of genome sequencing. Has has also worked on complex desktop applications including Lucy and Picky.

In his free time he enjoys traveling and photography.
William Ash
William Ash
Business Developer

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