Mango 1.24 Release Notes

Mango 1.24

Mango 1.24, new simulation features and improvements!

Mango 1.24 New simulation feature: lattice and general improvements — 07/21/2016

  • Added a new lattice() function to generate meshes and other geometry shapes; see Mango User Guide for details
  • New visual aids on graph canvas where a node id is displayed and all its links are highlighted automatically when moused over; a click on the node will lock its display until another click
  • New feature where a node id is printed in console when clicked; this facilitates Gel code node naming when retrieving attribute values from a specific node
  • Double-clicking in a rotated 3D graph canvas resets its 3D view to standard orientation and zoom level; this allows graphs to be reoriented without having to close and reopen its graph canvas
  • Added automatic line wrap and line numbers in Gel editor which facilitate isolating any compiler error location
  • Gel editor now maintains selected text block after each Ctrl-Enter or Alt-Enter command execution, which facilitates running a block of Gel code repeatedly. If no text block is selected, after the command execution the cursor will move to next line as before
  • Fixed a center command bug; now it really centers the graph!
  • Updated the KGML reader for KEGG database access which offers more robust parsing of KEGG XML data
  • Improved Mac Excel generated csv/tsv file import to Mango
  • Fixed import function parsing of user provided header lines, preventing punctuation symbols or Gel reserve words be named for attributes
  • More robust auto typing in Gel editor display
  • Overall Mango program stability and efficiency improvements

As always, you can find the newest version of Mango by following this link.


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