Mango 1.24 Release Notes

Mango 1.24, new simulation features and improvements! Mango 1.24 New simulation feature: lattice and general improvements — 07/21/2016 Added a new lattice() function to generate meshes and other geometry shapes; see Mango User Guide for details New visual aids on graph canvas where a node id is displayed and all its links are highlighted automatically when moused[…]

Mango 1.0 Released

Hello world, hello Mango 1.0! Today we’re pleased to announce the release of Mango 1.0. Our software focuses on turning complex data networks into readable and usable visualizations. Click here to check out the latest version of Mango! We look forward to bringing new and innovative features to Mango every month, see keep an eye[…]

Mango 1.1 Release Notes

A New Month, a New Mango This month we’re pleased to announce a number of quality of life updates and a few new options for Mango 1.10. Mango 1.10 Some new features added New visualization options (nodes have more labeling options) Recognize standard escape sequences in strings, e.g., \n and \t Present directory name shows up in[…]

Mango 1.20 Release Notes

Mango 1.20 We’re excited to release Mango 1.20 today, here is what you can expect to see changed! Multi-threading to allow asynchronous exchange of user typed Gel command(s), Gel executions and Graph visualizations Added Gel script editor with keyword coloring and hot keys to run commands line by line Data panel now shows data value[…]

Mango 1.23 Release Notes

  Mango 1.23, new simulation features, bug fixes, and improvements! Mango 1.23 is our biggest release yet! Check out our change log below. Added new pause() function to synchronize visualization during Gel code execution; this provides a mechanism to conduct simulations and animations on networks in Mango Replaced KEGG database download code to dramatically improve[…]