Mango 1.1 Release Notes

Mango Simple Intuitive Data Visualization

A New Month, a New Mango

This month we’re pleased to announce a number of quality of life updates and a few new options for Mango 1.10.

Mango 1.10 Some new features added

  • New visualization options (nodes have more labeling options)
  • Recognize standard escape sequences in strings, e.g., \n and \t
  • Present directory name shows up in status bar
  • Graphs with different node names can now be merged without renaming
  • More efficient attribute value merging between different graphs
  • Usability improvement to Windows version command console
  • Fixed a few floating point number parsing bugs
  • Adopted a brand-new About Mango background image
  • Renamed commands: print -> dump and echo -> print
  • Improved Export and Import functions

As always, to find the newest version of Mango, click here.


Complex Computation LLC Team

Complex Computation