Mango 1.20 Release Notes

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Mango 1.20

We’re excited to release Mango 1.20 today, here is what you can expect to see changed!

  • Multi-threading to allow asynchronous exchange of user typed Gel command(s), Gel executions and Graph visualizations
  • Added Gel script editor with keyword coloring and hot keys to run commands line by line
  • Data panel now shows data value and type. Node, link and graph objects can be expanded to display attributes
  • New KEGG dialog window to fetch biological pathways data from with options to merge them
  • Added R_MATrix, a recursive random graph generator function
  • Added match function for sequence comparison among node attributes
  • Added map function that can map graph nodes either based on another graph or on one of the node attributes
  • Added Gel functions such as substr, toUpper, toLower, map, floor, ceil, abs, asin, acros, atan, pow …
  • Added looping constructs such as while, for, and do with timer control and exception handling
  • Added intersect and negate operators
  • More efficient save functions to reduce duplicative node names
  • Added a handy auto graph type to be the recipient of graph expansions

As always, you can find the newest version Mango by clicking this link.


Keep an eye out for future updates!

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Complex Computation