March 15, 2016

Mango Release Notes

Interested in seeing what we’ve been up to? Check out these previous Mango release notes.

Mango release notes

  • Mango 1.24 – A large update, including our new lattice function.
  • Mango 1.23 – Our largest update since our inception!
  • Mango 1.20 – Tons of quality of life updates and bug fixes
  • Mango 1.1 – Some new features and bug fixes
  • Mango 1.0 – Hello world! Mango 1.0 released for free to the public! Our data analysis software will solve your big data problems.

As always, you can find the newest version Mango by clicking this link.

Keep an eye out for future updates!

Complex Computation LLC Team

Complex Computation LLC mango release notes